How is Historic Downtown Brigham City, different than the Chamber of Commerce?

First off, we believe both organizations are essential and indeed should have no difficulty working together and should support each other’s efforts. That is our position and our goal.

Three major differences:

1. The Chamber of Commerce serves a much larger geographical area (Brigham City Area vs. Historic Downtown. Of necessity, the interests of the broader area are not always consistent with the much smaller geographically defined historic downtown.
2. The Chamber is a membership based organization and a good portion of its operating funds derive from membership dues based upon organization size. Many of these members are large multinational companies with significant financial resources and large public relations budgets.
Historic Downtown is an affiliate based organization with a more narrowly focused mission of historic education, preservation, and economic viability of the core downtown. Its operating funds come from grants, donations, and ongoing fundraising activities. Much of its operation is provided by in-kind donations.

3. The Chamber asks for membership dues up front with an implicit promise to deliver economic benefits to its members at some future date. Historic Downtown strives to create value up front in its activities, then asks affiliates to support activities we sponsor and/or donate in response to the value received.
Both organizations strive to support existing business, recruit new business, and create a favorable public image. The demographics of Historic Downtown tend to be more focused on sole proprietors, small businesses, and individual property owners.

Should you support both organizations? Yes, without a doubt. Will we always agree with everything the Chamber does, probably not.

The larger question posed by this analysis is really “Which organization has the potential to bring more value to Historic Downtown Brigham City”. And should the City resume its financial support to Historic Downtown, as in previous years.

We invite all community leaders to objectively evaluate the value of Historic Downtown and make an informed decision about the merits of supporting this important cause.