The Brigham City Farmers Market starts June 17th!

We have ambitious plans for the Farmers Market this year, starting with a very slight change of Venue and including more Cultural and Food Art oriented entertainment. We’ve expanded our community partners, changed our location (just slightly), and are working behind the scenes to ensure the market is viable for years to come.

We strive to be farmer friendly and the first choice of markets for our agricultural vendors. We  boast the lowest weekly cost for vendors in the region. We also have some of the most customer friendly accommodations and the least burdensome regulatory environment.

We believe the secret to a sustainable and viable Farmers Market is the result of three essential ingredients. Farmers, Food, & Entertainment. As our market continues to grow, we will continue to invest in these four key areas:

  1. First and foremost, we want to have the very BEST agriculture vendors in the region with a stated preference toward sustainable farming practices.
  2. Second, we seek out the finest food vendors  serving high quality prepared food for consumption at the market, or shortly thereafter.
  3. Third, we emphasize a Utah First or locally manufactured vendor lineup and limit vendors offering low cost, imported items.
  4. Finally, we support cultural diversity through wholesome entertainment, including music, dancing, and the food arts (demonstrations, cook-offs, etc.).  

Our plans this year are to host the Farmers Market on the north side of the County Courthouse, rather than the south parking lot. Technically we will be in the Bill of Rights Plaza, in front of our wonderful Carnegie Library. There our market goers will find shade, grassy areas, and more seating. And our vendors will have more service options, including electricity, running water, etc. See Booth map here.

If you have interest in Vending at the Farmers Market, please download our application.

We enjoyed a robust first season and have an excellent group of vendors lined up for 2017. We look forward to seeing you each Saturday morning, beginning June 17th through September 30th.



Farmers Market Summer 2017

Q: What's more fun on a Saturday morning, during the summer than a Farmers Market?

A: Attending one that is right in your neighborhood, with Food Trucks too!

Historic Downtown sponsors a Farmers Market in the Bill of Rights Plaza and  south parking lot of the Box Elder County Courthouse, June - September. With the support of Brigham City, using an extended Special Event permit, we are able to bring Food Trucks to this recurring event.

Farmers Markets are not terribly complicated. Local individuals and families pick fresh produce from their garden, local artisans and craftsmen gather their wares, and food trucks drive to a central location. Within a few moments there is a full fledged public marketplace where once there was a vacant parking lot or plaza.

Public markets are the oldest form of economic development. Ever since we left the hunting and gathering stage (perhaps even before) individuals brought their excess items to a public place to barter with others having different items in excess. It's not only a terrific way to engage with one another in the community, it's an excellent source of locally grown (often organic) vegetables and fruit.

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Box Elder Small Tract Farm &Orchard Outreach & Development

The BEST FOOD Initiative is a program of the Brigham City Farmers Market. The goal of this project is to create a direct Farm to School, Farm to Consumer, and Farm to Institution marketplace. You will find information about this program at the Farmers Market which begins June 17th, 2017. The Farmers Market, Operated by Historic Downtown Brigham City, is uniquely positioned to serve as the catalyst in this program because we are a non-profit organization engaged in historic preservation and economic development, and we are without the constraints of profit or market share. We also have the unique fortune to have over a dozen community partners who are working with us on this initiative.

Why, you might ask? Because the future of Utah's Famous Fruit Way is in jeopardy!

A survey conducted by Lisa Duskin-Goede, Coordinator with the Bear River Heritage Area, a program of the Bear River Association of Governments in 2015 reveals a concerning decline in our roadside Fruit Stands along Utah's popular Fruit Way.

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