The Brigham City Farmers Market had a great first season!

We were delighted to bring you a great assortment of locally sourced produce, unique artisan creations, and freshly prepared food this summer during our first season. We did so in a clean, safe, and convenient location that featured live entertainment most market days.

The Farmers Market in Historic Downtown will reopen each Saturday, starting June 17th, 2017 through September 23rd, 2017, from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the Bill of Rights Plaza in Historic Downtown Brigham City.

The purpose of this market is to bring high quality locally sourced goods to our community and serve as an outlet for artisan and handcrafted items, works of art, and other items not mass produced.

Farmers Markets are more than just a place to buy & sell great stuff. They also serve as a wonderful community activity, a place to meet new friends and develop new relationships. A particularly useful feature at successful Farmers Markets is community service and education. 


If you are a health care, social service, or public assistance organization, the Farmers Market can be a great place to reach potential clients. We intend to support all kinds of worthwhile community service organizations in our market activities. If your organization is interested in distributing information to the public, you are welcome to join us.

Local non-profits can also benefit from the community engagement at the Farmers Market. If you are a local non-profit and would like to participate in the Farmers Market, there is a place for you as well. In fact, we are always looking for community partners to work with in our activities. Any organization that is willing to volunteer to help run the Farmers Market is eligible for free booth space. 

Tell your friends and family, it's a great Saturday morning activity. 

Visit our Q & A page for details.

Go here for an application to participate.